Wednesday 3rd Feb

Well, my commute here today went surprisingly well, i even had time to purchase a coffee and be early for my train. The cold on the other hand did not satisfy me in the slightest.

Today we had a google docs meeting with the team here, held by Daniel in the front room. This meeting was specifically around social networking sites and different kinds of software for the smooth running of the organisation. In this meeting debates were held and decisions were made for new ideas on how to properly promote the services to people in need of them.

After this i went for my lunch, i found a very nice cafe down the road from here.. they made me a lovely chicken salad! šŸ™‚

Arriving back here at cartwheel arts, Gala provided me with the task of organizing the board meeting folder, by doing this i used the check list to make sure that every thing i needed was there. This involved a lot Ā of printing, stapling, hunting down plastic wallets and confusing myself a few times. I then, arranged an ‘introduction pack’ Ā for the board meeting, which consisted of a lot more printing. I believe this had its benefits towards my own organisational skills as i usually find this to be a very difficult thing to do in my own personal life, so a check list for myself would be very appropriate.

I am beginning to feel more confident with certain tasks which are being set for me as my understanding towards different uses of software are improving.

Minus the freezing temperatures, today went well… smiles all round šŸ™‚

Monday 1st Feb- day 4

Today I designed my own blog, this is to help me reflect on my experiences here at cartwheel arts, and also to talk a bit about myself. I find this to be very appropriate as I don’t always have the best memory, and I can just read back through and remind myself of what I did that day. šŸ™‚

This has also been beneficial towards my use of technology, I Ā am becoming more familiar with different software.

All in all, I am feeling very happy and welcome here at cartwheel arts.

Georgina – Day 1: The beginning

So my first day at cartwheel arts went amazingly well, i arrived at 10AM to a warm welcome off Sue, a member of the team who deals with the finances. Sue made me a lovely coffee and we had a nice conversation about about the cartwheel arts organisation and what is is they do at this office.Ā  i found this to be very helpful and beneficial towards my own knowledge.

Gala, my placemjent supervisor arrived at 10.30AM who i had perviosuly met at my interview a few months back. I recieved my introduction pack wich contained all of the policies which underpin the organisation. I spent a couple of hours reading through these and highlighting the key points to help me become more aware of all the rules and regulations. Shortly after this i went for my lunch… a lovely chicken salad which i attempted to enjoy. But i am sure a lot of you can relate to my sadness of dieting and not really enjoying a ‘salad’.

Gala arranged my timetable for me up until the end of March, and also provided me with my own personla email address.

I felt very happy on my first day, and i met lovely welcoming members of cartwhell arts. I look forward for the weeks to come, and the experiences, knowledge and skills i will learn.



Georgina: About myself

What IĀ am doing here..

Hi there, my name is Georgina Rebecca Wood, but you can just call me Georgie. I am currently a student at Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy, in my 2nd year. As part of my placement I am undertaking 90 hours of placement work with Cartwheel Arts, which i am immensely pleased with through the research I have done around the organisation and the people I have met who work/volunteer here also.

A bit about my life..

IĀ am a 23 year old student, a part-time member of bar staff at yates and a volunteer placement student at cart wheel arts, so I consider my life to be quite hectic and busy…Ā 

I love working hard and challenging myself at achieving all my goals in life. IĀ haveĀ spent a good amount of my teenage years, being a typical teenager. I have worked in bars from the age of 18, and prior to that I have done waitressing and pot washing… not exactly exciting jobs but it has definitely benefitted my hard work ethic andĀ communicational skills. When I reached the age of 20, i decided to push myself further within the educational field and apply for college again to study combined studies. This course covered every field within social care and gave me a great chance at expanding my knowledge, which did in fact work, as i haveĀ ended up at Manchester University studying Social Care.

I live with my Grandmother, she is my rock.


My Grandmother has supported my throughout my life, giving me opportunities of which have brought me to such a good place today. I enjoy living with her, we get on like we are best friends.. some times we can argue, but that is normal.. who doesn’t argue once in a while.Ā The best part is when she comes out with the funniest sentences, for example: “Please can you make sure you water all of my plants when i go on holiday, just please do not water the plastic ones as they won’t die”. Well what can i say, the laughterĀ  is always strong.Ā 

My origins..

I am from the Yorkshire lands, Halifax and Hebden Bridge. It is a rather beautiful area, full of hills, historical buildings. I live in Hebden Bridge, up a very large hill called Heptonstall, and this is a nice place to live up until winter arrives and no matter what you do it will always be freezing cold. The best part of leaving my home early in a morning is having the most wonderful view of the sunrise, so beautiful i always, almost miss my bus due to capturing multiple photos of that very moment.

See, but don’t get carried away and miss your bus too!

That is enough about me for now, i look forward to posting about my daily tasks and achievementsĀ within the cartwheel arts organisation.

Georgie šŸ™‚