The Final Day

So I have completed my 90 hours of placement here with Cartwheel Arts! it has been a good experience of which I have learnt so much from. The most important thing I have learnt is to never let personal issues impact the outcome of your abilities, always push yourself further than you feel you can go and keep going because when you look back you will be so thankful.

I have come here to gain skills and experience in the social care field to help benefit my social care degree which I am working towards. I have met so many wonderful people who have helped me along the way, and I hope to keep coming along to all the different upcoming events through summer.

Today was my exiting interview with Gala, we went over all of my achievements over the time I have spent here, going over my weak areas, strong areas and how I have developed and improved along the way. I feel like I have come out a lot stronger, happier and focussed. I have found a balance within myself through the challenges I have faced here, and completed them even though sometimes I struggled.

So I would like to thank everyone I have worked with here at Cartwheel Arts for making me feel so welcome, and guiding me through my tasks. I have really appreciated all of the support and I hope to see everyone again through summer at the Darnhill Festival. I have almost finished my second year at university now, and I plan to move to Manchester over summer and see what my future has to offer me out there! 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my journey.

All the best 🙂

Georgina Rebecca Wood




Wednesday the 4th & Tuesday the 19th of April

I have spent a lot of time finishing off the members/ none-members survery over the last 2 full days of being here. I have arrived on both days and phoned up members of Cartwheel arts asking them to fill out a members survey (2015). This is to purely benefit the organisation, and improve areas which need improving on. By doing this we are asking people for their help in understanding what these areas are. I have successfully managed to gradually get through an number of members, but due to inconvenient times it has held me up on completeing the set task.

I have become more confident in using the phone throughout doing this task, and i have also gained extra skills in using different types of software on the computer. I have done this through collecting the information from the surveys and applying it into exel format. I have really enjoyed the conversations with different people, and through this i have become happier with my performance.

Today i am proceeding with the phone calls/ emails to try and complete as many surveys as i can. I am also updating my blog as you can see. Today is a lovely sunny day, and i feel motivated and happy!


Wednesday 16th- Wednesday 23rd March

Over the past couple of weeks I have been given the task of phoning members up of Cartwheel Arts, and going through their Data Base and a ‘members 2015 survey’ with them.

This has been an experience of which has helped me gain new skills around formal interaction via phone calls. i have been using a ‘phone script’ to help me rehearse and remember how to deal with phone calls in an appropriate manner. I have spent time contacting people, and some preferred to complete the survey via email. I managed to fill out some of the surveys over the phone, having some wonderful conversations along the way. This helped me with my confidence, as i find it very difficult to have conversations with people i do not know.. on the phone. I am very pleased that i conquered this task and it will surely help me in my future career choices.

I re-formatted the minutes from a meeting which was held on the 17th of February. I did not do it in the right format the first time around, so i have re-done them and emailed them back to Gala. This was a document of what happened in the meeting, and what new projects and ideas were arising from various people. I had to listen very carefully and note down all the important information, and decisions so that there was evidence of what was said in the meeting. I found this to be a challenge as listening to everything people say, and typing it all down is a skill which requires practice.. fast typing also helps. I felt like the responsibility of doing this was very important, and i enjoyed being involved.

My time here so far has helped me develop skills in so many different areas of my life. I haven’t found it easy, but nothing comes easy and you have to work hard to achieve what you want to succeed in. I have received a lot of support from people who work here, especially Gala. Gala has guided me through my mistakes and helped me correct them, i find critical feedback important for one to improve and be successful.

Balance is very important to have in your life, and i have gained more balance within mine though experiencing this area of work and what they do to help other people. I usually find it hard to wake up in a morning with a positive and motivated mind, but through building up the courage to come here and complete tasks which i did not feel confident in doing, has pushed me further to have more faith in myself. You could say ‘an emotional roller-coaster’ has been my transport so far, but i feel like it is becoming more stable and heading towards a ‘happy roller-coaster’.



Appraisal Day: Wednesday 24th February

I received and email prior to this day about my appraisal, and straight away i panicked as i have never had the experience of being in one. Arriving at cartwheel today i prepared myself for the appraisal, noting down answers to the questions Gala had emailed me previously. I understood various questions and answered in a way i believed was correct, this really helped me open up my mind and think more in depth of my own independent work ethic, time keeping and my organisational skills.

Through out the appraisal Gala asked me a set of questions, i answered them as detailed as i could. I felt much more at ease during the appraisal and i opened up to Gala, i told her a lot about myself and my personal experiences in life which lifted so much weight off my shoulders. Gala offered me a lot of support, and made me feel so much better which i appreciate greatly. The appraisal helped me be more aware of my areas of improvement, and my areas of strength. I now know what i need to do to be more pro-active, especially when i am working independently.

Shortly after the appraisal i went down to Art & Soul group to visit Kerry and everyone else, i felt very welcome and had some lovely conversations with some of the people there. I took more photos of the art work which people had developed which they want to display in the exhibition, taking their information and also having nice conversations with them. One of them even brought their guitar with them as i asked about the the previous week, and he played and sang to me wonderfully. I attempted at having a go but i completely failed at making any good sounds, it has been a long time since i knew the ways of guitars.

After the art & soul i arrived back at cartwheel arts and prepared the front room for the arranged meeting, i did not attend this as i had to leave slightly earlier.

Today was very productive and positive.

Thursday 18th February

Today i arrived at Cartwheel arts with Daniel, i had a set of instructions off Gala to call people up from the data base (members only) to update their details and also inform them off a survey which they had the option of filling out. I am currently still making these calls, whilst making sure i am following the phone script of which i have been provided with. The phone script really helped me make phone calls appropriately, knowing how to speak in the best manner, being attentive and aware of people’s needs and requests.

I found this very nerve-racking as i am unskilled with using phones to make professional calls, i made sure i rehearsed a practice phone call with Gala before commencing the real thing. This really helped as i noted down everything i needed to know prior to speaking with the members of the organisation, i felt much more confident. Proceeding with the phone calls i let the conversations flow, and i felt at ease with how i dealt with various situations. I am very happy with myself for jumping in the deep end and putting myself in a position where i have gained new skills and upped my knowledge.

By following set instructions, and keeping myself appropriately organised i feel much more confident in proceeding with this task at hand. Today was challenging, but this is what i love to be positioned with.

A very good productive day, and a big thank you to Daniel for helping and supporting me through the day. 🙂

Wednesday 17th Feb

Art & Soul: Today I arrived in Haywood, and met Kerry at the Art and Soul group building. The people which attend this group vary from different ages, backgrounds, gender… etc. I felt slightly nervous to meet everyone as this was my first time out of the office  doing a ‘hands on activity’ with new people. I felt immediately welcome as I got introduced to the group by Kerry, they were extremely eager to show me their art work and tell me about what they do with their time at Art and Soul.

I spent a few hours sitting with various group members and asking them to give me details of each piece of work they wanted to present in their big exhibition next week. I took their names, the details of their work and descriptions of their individual pieces of work. I felt very happy listening to everything they all had to say about their work, I was highly interested in the ideas and reasons behind their art work. Today I met many different people and I am very pleased with the outcome of my experience.

After Art and Soul I went for my lunch, a nice healthy chicken salad which I happened to enjoy this time round!

Arriving back at cartwheel arts I made everyone a drink in preparation for the Pearl, Project Management meeting. This was a very informative and interesting meeting around the management of all the projects in cartwheel arts and also introducing new projects into the organisation. I took the minutes for the meeting, bullet pointing all the decisions and important points which were made by everyone involved. I have to now arrange these in to an understandable order and send them out to everyone of who was present at the meeting.

After the meeting I printed out my time sheet schedule for when I am here, to keep myself more up to date and organised for the weeks to come.

A very good positive day 🙂

Wednesday 10th February

Well, i am feeling much more relaxed today. I woke up early, had a refreshing shower (listening to David Bowie).. prepared my scrambled egg and spinach with my cup of delightful coffee to accompany it. Then i thought about actually having to do my hair and find clothes to wear and my motivation started dipping… typical woman problems.

The commute here today was quite impressive as i managed to be early again (and even purchase a coffee).. I think i have a slight coffee addiction.

I arrived at 9.50 AM today, to be kindly welcomed in by Kerry. I was given set tasks to complete, the first of which was to collect the answers from a questionnaire and put them in an excel spreadsheet, this was for the closed questions. For the open questions i typed these out on a word document. then i emailed these back to Kerry. I spent some time updating my blog, and reflecting on my time here through reading my placement diary. I then sat through a cartwheel arts project meeting, where decisions were made on what is needed for the check list around various projects which are used to help them run more smoothly. Shortly after this a man called Danny arrived ( who i have not met before) who is a member of cartwheel arts team, he seemed to be very missed as everyone looked so happy to see him. I can understand this as he seemed lovely and good to talk to!

We all then went for lunch together, i felt very nervous about this as i still feel i do not know people very well. Let me just say, the pub in bury was a stunning place, everything about it… especially the smell of the hot coal fire place seeping its way through the air. We all ordered our food, i got the chicken ceaser salad which tasted amazing and everyone else got their food with chips pretty much but i happily resisted this carby urge. The conversations were flowing about work and different events/ projects and the odd occasional joke in there which got us all laughing.. it was a very interesting, fun lunch and i now feel much more relaxed around everyone.

Today has been very positive, i feel to have improved my skills on the computer even more and also getting to grips with the knowledge around cartwheel arts organisation. smiles all around 🙂