Daniel – Day 48

Song of the day: Destroyer – CFO$ (WWE entrance theme for Samoa Joe)

So today me, Ben, Gala and Rick had a meeting about Darnhill. Just really a catchup for them to see where they were at with the planning, but this is my first meeting with them about the festival so everything is new to me here. We went over a ton of stuff, making sure we all knew who we were supposed to be contacting, what still needed to be done, what was already sorted, making sure the financial side of it was alright etc. It was a really interesting thing to be a part of.

I knew when I started here I would have a role to play in the festival because I have a tiny bit of experience with event planning from previous jobs, but it was still pretty interesting to see how they were sorting everything out. There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to the festival and it’s really cool to be behind the scenes and see what goes into making it run smoothly.

Daniel – Day 47

Song of the day: The Flames of Love – Smokey Bennett & The Hoops

This morning I went with Rick and Paul to meet with the Darnhill Festival Association and Gill Parnell-Jackson from the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board to have some Safeguarding Children training in preparation for the Darhill Festival in July.

It was a very informative session, there’s a lot of stuff I took away from the session. I’ve never really worked with kids in a professional environment before other than for maybe 5/10 minutes at a previous job whilst their parents spoke to my boss so there was a bunch of things that I wouldn’t have immediately thought of when it comes to handling children. The session itself took a good 2/3 hours, and at the end of it we got a certificate, hurrah!

Daniel – Day 45

Song of the day: Bored to Death – Blink 182

So another round of making sure everything is ready for the board meeting and then the board meeting itself today. We went over a lot of information, met the new board member and generally did the usual board meeting stuff that I’m sure you’re familiar with.

The most exciting news for today is that Blink 182 released their first new material from their upcoming album after replacing Tom DeLonge with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio. I’m in love with it. It’s not really what you would think when it comes to Blink 182, it’s far more mature and I can totally get behind that. I’m really REALLY looking forward to this album.

Daniel – Day 44

Song of the day: Someday (Acoustic) – Shinedown

So I’ve been photocopying, printing, and sorting out a bunch of stuff for the board meeting today. Nothing super exciting really, took a long time to get it all sorted (because the printer hates me and everything I stand for in life) and making sure everything was in order, stapled, there was enough copies of everything and it was all corresponding correctly to the agenda.

Daniel – Day 42

Song of the day: Search Party – Enter Shikari

I’ve been looking into tools to make handling social media easier for me today. I’ve spent a good amount of time on the Social Media subreddit looking at suggested tools and which are widely recommended, how they can be used, benefits they have over eachother etc. You’d be surprised just how many are out there.

Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are the bigger ones, but there’s also smaller things like Buffer which are VERY highly recommended by Social Media professionals handling bigger accounts, and lots of offerings that can also handle things like Facebook and Instagram (even though we don’t use Instagram, but it is something I’m thinking of looking into to see if we could use it at all, even if it’s just for Art and Soul sessions or TUAO sessions or something).

There really is a crazy amount of tools out there to make using social media professionally easier, it’s just a case of using a bunch of them and seeing which I prefer.

Daniel – Day 40

Song of the day: Dying To Believe – Parkway Drive

Kerry “inherited” (her words, not mine ha) a laptop and printer for Art and Soul and has asked me to make sure they work, make sure they’re clean, free of viruses, etc etc.

Again it doesn’t bother me doing this at all, it’s something I really enjoy doing and I’d much rather it’s me doing it and making sure everything is up to my fairly high standards of being clean and safe than to risk a breach down the road.