Daniel – Day 48

Song of the day: Destroyer – CFO$ (WWE entrance theme for Samoa Joe)

So today me, Ben, Gala and Rick had a meeting about Darnhill. Just really a catchup for them to see where they were at with the planning, but this is my first meeting with them about the festival so everything is new to me here. We went over a ton of stuff, making sure we all knew who we were supposed to be contacting, what still needed to be done, what was already sorted, making sure the financial side of it was alright etc. It was a really interesting thing to be a part of.

I knew when I started here I would have a role to play in the festival because I have a tiny bit of experience with event planning from previous jobs, but it was still pretty interesting to see how they were sorting everything out. There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to the festival and it’s really cool to be behind the scenes and see what goes into making it run smoothly.

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