Thursday 18th February

Today i arrived at Cartwheel arts with Daniel, i had a set of instructions off Gala to call people up from the data base (members only) to update their details and also inform them off a survey which they had the option of filling out. I am currently still making these calls, whilst making sure i am following the phone script of which i have been provided with. The phone script really helped me make phone calls appropriately, knowing how to speak in the best manner, being attentive and aware of people’s needs and requests.

I found this very nerve-racking as i am unskilled with using phones to make professional calls, i made sure i rehearsed a practice phone call with Gala before commencing the real thing. This really helped as i noted down everything i needed to know prior to speaking with the members of the organisation, i felt much more confident. Proceeding with the phone calls i let the conversations flow, and i felt at ease with how i dealt with various situations. I am very happy with myself for jumping in the deep end and putting myself in a position where i have gained new skills and upped my knowledge.

By following set instructions, and keeping myself appropriately organised i feel much more confident in proceeding with this task at hand. Today was challenging, but this is what i love to be positioned with.

A very good productive day, and a big thank you to Daniel for helping and supporting me through the day. 🙂

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