Wednesday 16th- Wednesday 23rd March

Over the past couple of weeks I have been given the task of phoning members up of Cartwheel Arts, and going through their Data Base and a ‘members 2015 survey’ with them.

This has been an experience of which has helped me gain new skills around formal interaction via phone calls. i have been using a ‘phone script’ to help me rehearse and remember how to deal with phone calls in an appropriate manner. I have spent time contacting people, and some preferred to complete the survey via email. I managed to fill out some of the surveys over the phone, having some wonderful conversations along the way. This helped me with my confidence, as i find it very difficult to have conversations with people i do not know.. on the phone. I am very pleased that i conquered this task and it will surely help me in my future career choices.

I re-formatted the minutes from a meeting which was held on the 17th of February. I did not do it in the right format the first time around, so i have re-done them and emailed them back to Gala. This was a document of what happened in the meeting, and what new projects and ideas were arising from various people. I had to listen very carefully and note down all the important information, and decisions so that there was evidence of what was said in the meeting. I found this to be a challenge as listening to everything people say, and typing it all down is a skill which requires practice.. fast typing also helps. I felt like the responsibility of doing this was very important, and i enjoyed being involved.

My time here so far has helped me develop skills in so many different areas of my life. I haven’t found it easy, but nothing comes easy and you have to work hard to achieve what you want to succeed in. I have received a lot of support from people who work here, especially Gala. Gala has guided me through my mistakes and helped me correct them, i find critical feedback important for one to improve and be successful.

Balance is very important to have in your life, and i have gained more balance within mine though experiencing this area of work and what they do to help other people. I usually find it hard to wake up in a morning with a positive and motivated mind, but through building up the courage to come here and complete tasks which i did not feel confident in doing, has pushed me further to have more faith in myself. You could say ‘an emotional roller-coaster’ has been my transport so far, but i feel like it is becoming more stable and heading towards a ‘happy roller-coaster’.




Daniel -Day 26

Paranoia – A Day to Remember

I’m on the phones with BT, again. Or at least, I’m trying to be. We need to get calls from our main number transferred to the new cloud phones whilst the number is being swapped over which is going to take 30 working days.

I say I’m trying to be, because it’s taking absolutely forever to get through to them. I’ve called them several times, each time the queue music plays for about 10-15 minutes then the line just goes dead. I bloody hate dealing with BT. When I finally got through I was then told that I’d been transferred through to the wrong department, and the department I needed to get to was having issues so I had to wait again with the line going dead every 10-15 minutes. When I did finally get through, the woman I spoke to was very helpful and got it all sorted out very quickly, so I’m hoping it’s all going to be sorted by the time I leave tomorrow.

Daniel – Day 25

Young Cardinals – Alexisonfire

So I’m back after having the rest of last week off. I’m not feeling super great, but that’s probably due to lack of sleep after putting around 70 hours into Tom Clancy’s The Division and not really leaving my flat for days at a time.

Most of today was spent getting the new phone system set up. We’re getting rid of some of our old phones that barely work and moving onto VOIP phones that use the internet to make calls. I spent around an hour on the phone with BT going through it all, setting the phones up, making sure they call out and receive calls, learning how to forward the numbers to the other handsets and how to change all the settings online.

It’s all pretty complicated, yet simple at the same time. I only say it’s complicated because the initial setup takes a substantial amount of time and getting used to the online settings menu is a bit of an ordeal, but after that it’s pretty simple to wrap your head around.

PS: If you’re on the fence about buying/playing The Division, just do it. You’ll thank me later. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Daniel – Day 24

Cardinals – The Wonder Years

I spent some time with Rick today learning how to edit the website and going over the basics of Photoshop to edit and resize some pictures to update it with. As I’ve said before, the system we use for the website right now (Contribute and Fetch) is pretty hard to get used to, and a bit fiddly too. The good thing about it, is that if you do make a mistake as you’re editing on Contribute the changes don’t actually go live until you update it on Fetch so that was a relief, because the combination of Macs plus software I’ve never really used before made for abit of an ordeal getting it all updated.

Thankfully Rick is a pretty good teacher when it comes to the website and Macs so it made it way easier than me sitting there on my own and trying to figure it out like I have in the past.

Daniel – Day 23

Krakatoa (Tomsize festival trap mix) – Carnage & Junkie Kid

I spent most of today looking at Slack, setting up a test server on it and just messing around with it to see if it was viable for what we needed.

It’s a really interesting piece of software, as I mentioned yesterday it’s very similar to the VOIP software I use at home (called Discord if you’re curious) but there’s some notable differences. For one, it looks like Slack is basically text only, where as Discord uses voice and text. They are very similar though, the interface is nearly identical with a few minor differences, rooms are set up and handled the same way, the @ tagging and commands are very similar too.

Another bonus is that it has iOS and Android apps, and it’s completely free too. There is a paid version if you want some more premium features, but after looking into it we don’t really need them. I’m going to spend some more time looking at it at some point on Monday before I take a few days off and make a little report to show Gala and Kerry and see if they want to use it.

Daniel – Day 22

Ohioisonfire – Of Mice and Men

Today I finally got round to looking for an online alternative to our physical message book. Because of the nature of what people do here, there’s periods of time where they could be out of office for a few hours, maybe even days, and some people finish on Wednesday/Thursday and won’t see the message book until the next week, and sometimes emails/texts aren’t really good.

You’d be surprised to know that it was actually incredibly difficult to find an alternative that’s purely online and not linked into emails or anything like that. It took me a good few hours to even find something that would remotely work, but I ended up finding something called “Slack” which looks like it might be alright. It’s not really a message book, more of an IRC-like chat client that people can join and you can type @(their name) then the message and it’ll notify just that person about the message and not anybody else.

I use something similar at home for VOIP chat when gaming, so I’m kinda familiar with how it works but Slack is a bit different to what I use so I’m going to have to do way more research to see if it’s viable.

Daniel – Day 21

Entertainment – Rise Against

Today I was tasked with updating the social media schedule for Cartwheel. The one that currently exists is very outdated, and nobody really follows it either. It took a while to get it sorted, I had to replace/change quite a bit of it as well as spread out who does what and when so that there’s enough content every day and nothing is getting neglected.

I also spent a good few hours looking through tweets from before I started here to create a report of things that were posted and the analytics of a good few months of social media. I ended up going back about 6 months, December to July 2015. It was a pretty huge amount of data to go through, average interactions, what content did better, when content did better etc.

It was actually way more interesting than it sounds. I’m not a big data buff or anything, but looking through patterns of when things do better and what does better was pretty fascinating. Even just looking at the differences between two things posted at the same time on different platforms and how differently they perform between them just kept my attention and was pretty fun to work through.