Daniel -Day 19

Song of the day: Emperor’s New Clothes – Panic! At the Disco 

So I set off early this morning to make the 9:30 bus from Rochdale to Heywood since the roadworks are still going on. Issues arose however when there was horrendous traffic, meaning I didn’t even make it into Rochdale until 9:45. I hate busses, and traffic.

Not much to talk about today really, slow day. All I’ve done really is research on other similar companies about what they’re posting on social media. We had a small staff meeting as well about posting some other things on social media too, but not really much mentioned to talk about


Daniel – Day 18

Song of the day: Selector – Skindred

Man, today is chaotic in the office. Everyone is here today, so the office is incredibly cramped. Lots of phonecalls, everyone being busy busy busy.

We had another team meeting about the social media, it seems like from now on I’m going to be “managing” it (so to speak) and everyone else is going to have set days to try to post content relating to what they’re doing so that the pages aren’t swamped with a lot of one thing or another.

Daniel – Day 17

Song of the day: Take It Back – This Wild Life 

Man, I’ve been completely neglecting my time sheet. So much so that I had to spend over an hour updating it this morning. Luckily I’ve been noting down the times I’ve been doing things (for my own records really) in my notepad whenever I start/finish them so it made it fairly easy but it still took forever.

I also read through the e-policy and social media policies today to see if anything needed amending, and making sure we’re following the policies. They’re both pretty good, not much needs to be changed really, just basic stuff needs updating to reflect changes since the last update of the guidelines (which was several years ago it seems).

We went over the e-policy and some Facebook/Twitter stuff in a meeting, just talking about knowing what we want to post and when, who’s going to post etc. Right now it’s just whoever whenever sort of thing and Gala wants to change that and make things more consistent over all the platforms.

Daniel – Day 16

Song of the day: Chocolate – Knuckle Puck (The 1975 Cover)

So, I’m now 25.

Yesterday (21st Feb) was mine and Kerry’s birthday. I had a great time, did some stuff with friends and made the most of the last few hours of the Tom Clancy’s Division beta that I could play. I now have to wait 3 weeks before I can get my hands on it again. But enough about my love for video games and Tom Clancy.

We had some of the ladies that run the Darnhill festival pop over today to get some stuff out of the storage container we have in the back garden. There’s a bunch of stuff in there from years ago, lots of pretty fragile stuff that went for a nice trip down the street when the wind blew. The main thing they wanted was a rather large paper mache chinese dragon. It was a pretty impressive thing, the head alone was about 2 by 2 feet and it was a good 4 or 5 feet long, if not longer. Apparently it’s being re-purposed into some form of sea creature for this year’s festival so that’ll be exiting to see whenever that’s finished.


Daniel – Day 15

Song of the day: Wanderlust – Every Time I Die

So it was just me and Georgina in the office today. It was my first time “alone” in the office (by alone I mean without any other members of staff) and it went pretty well honestly.

There’s not much to say because I was just doing some basic stuff all day, just a ton of scanning for Rick and doing some stuff for Kerry. The scanning took way longer than I expected it to, it wasn’t a huge pile of stuff to scan but there were a fair few envelopes full of photographs that needed to be scanned in, and there was a huge pile of art on fabric which was all fixed together, making it an absolute pain to scan.

Some really nice artwork on there though, I had a look through them as I was scanning in the 3,485 photographs, I’m not sure what year they’re from  (most of the stuff I was scanning in was from the 80’s, I guess Rick wanted digital copies?) but Langley was mentioned a lot on the artwork so I’m guessing it was from some sort of event there many moons ago.


Wednesday 17th Feb

Art & Soul: Today I arrived in Haywood, and met Kerry at the Art and Soul group building. The people which attend this group vary from different ages, backgrounds, gender… etc. I felt slightly nervous to meet everyone as this was my first time out of the office  doing a ‘hands on activity’ with new people. I felt immediately welcome as I got introduced to the group by Kerry, they were extremely eager to show me their art work and tell me about what they do with their time at Art and Soul.

I spent a few hours sitting with various group members and asking them to give me details of each piece of work they wanted to present in their big exhibition next week. I took their names, the details of their work and descriptions of their individual pieces of work. I felt very happy listening to everything they all had to say about their work, I was highly interested in the ideas and reasons behind their art work. Today I met many different people and I am very pleased with the outcome of my experience.

After Art and Soul I went for my lunch, a nice healthy chicken salad which I happened to enjoy this time round!

Arriving back at cartwheel arts I made everyone a drink in preparation for the Pearl, Project Management meeting. This was a very informative and interesting meeting around the management of all the projects in cartwheel arts and also introducing new projects into the organisation. I took the minutes for the meeting, bullet pointing all the decisions and important points which were made by everyone involved. I have to now arrange these in to an understandable order and send them out to everyone of who was present at the meeting.

After the meeting I printed out my time sheet schedule for when I am here, to keep myself more up to date and organised for the weeks to come.

A very good positive day 🙂

Daniel – Day 14

Song of the day: Bleed American – Jimmy Eat World

You know those mornings where everything goes wrong? Yeah, today was one of those mornings. My alarm decided not to go off, I misplaced my glasses, the bus I had to catch because I was already late came late, it’s raining, and it’s half term so there was a bunch of kids screaming on the bus. Delightful.

My morning was filled with finding Accountants that specialise in working with Charities for Sue. You know how many accountants there are in the Manchester Area alone? A lot. A whole lot. Most of them have terrible websites too, someone should probably tell them that. It’s not going to be me though.

I had my second staff meeting this afternoon, too. It went on a bit longer than I think any of us were anticipating, but we had a lot to talk about. We discussed a lot about the website (again), things coming up like board meetings, and we also went over Paul and Danielle’s PEARL qualification and how it could possibly help us in workshops and stuff. It was a whole lot of stuff to talk about but I think we made good progress with it all.