Day 4 – The tale of the office shuffle.

Preface: This is going to be a seperate post to day 4 because it would have made day 4’s blog way too long.


Oh boy, this afternoon. That’s a tale and a half. Sit down, grab a brew, get comfy and prepare yourself for the tale of the office movearound.

It all started with Gala wanting to move one of the computers from her desk to another desk for me to use. As we started to do that, Kerry suggested that we should move the desk from where it was to the middle of the room against a wall. An easy task, one might think. But you would be wrong. You see, in the middle of the room on said wall is a fireplace that protrudes from the wall, meaning we couldn’t put the desk flush against the wall. We decided that we should lift the desk up onto the little fireplace thing on the floor and prop it up so that we could get more space in the middle of the room and there wouldn’t be a weird gap behind the desk. This led to Kerry going Hulk mode on a broken set of drawers to get some pieces of wood to put under the legs of the table.

I tell you what, propping that table up took way longer than it had any right to. It took us maybe 15/20 minutes to make it so that this table didn’t wobble. When that was said and done, we moved “The Egg” (a table shaped like, you guessed it, an egg) to where the old desk used to be and made it look presentable. Then came the issues with moving the computer.

It’s a pretty old computer, so it needs to be wired into the router because the wireless doesn’t work. What we didn’t realise before is that the ethernet cable isn’t long enough to reach the desk where said computer was going to go. This then led to us moving it to Gala’s desk, moving her Mac onto the desk we moved, then setting it up so that she’d be at the new desk and I’d be at her old desk. Now that all the moving is over and done with we get down to what we were supposed to be doing before any of this even started, showing me how to use the Website backend so I could edit the website.

So, we try to connect to the server. It doesn’t connect. We try again. Same story. We turn off the wifi that doesn’t work, try again and…no dice. No matter what we do This thing just will not connect to the network correctly, meaning I can’t access the cloud server to get to the localy stored web page documents. By the end of all this, Gala is in dire need of a sit down and relaxing cup of warm coffee, Kerry is over there saying “well at least the office looks nicer now” and I’m just sat here having a little chuckle over the whole ordeal. I have to say though, the office does look way roomier than it did this morning.


I just realised Sue doesn’t know we did this. She’s going to be mighty confused when she gets back next week. Note to self: Make sure you’re here for the reaction.


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