Daniel – Day IV.

Song of the day:  Graveyard Shift – Wstr

I arrived this morning and we hadn’t been robbed so I guess I locked up correctly. Gala was here already so we sat down and had a little chat about my blog posts so far, she seemed to enjoy them so that’s great. I feel like I’m a terrible writer so it’s good to know people can read through the waffle. We also had a conversation about Archaeology. Yeah, seems random I know, but it happens more than you’d think. When people learn I did Archaeology in college they usually look at me and go “you? really?” Not in an offensive way, of course, I guess I just don’t come across as the sort of guy who would be into digging up old bones and pottery.

Anyway, I digress. Most of my morning after that was spent getting to know WordPress better. This blog isn’t just going to be used by me, it’s going to be used by Georgina and also by any future interns here as well as Roxy and Ashleigh who are both previous interns. Because of this, I decided it’d be a good idea to have something in the sidebar that viewers can click on to see posts from only one person and also have it so that you can assign each post to whoever wrote it. This raised some issues however, because I have absolutely no idea how to use this site. I’m determined to learn so that I can make a guide for any future people who want to edit the blog.

This afternoon was entertaining to say the least. I wrote up what happened in another blog entry because it would have made this one far too long. The post can be found here.

Other than that, my time again has been spent trying to figure out wordpress. I learned how to add pictures into posts, I’ll be adding more whenever I can because walls and walls of text are a bit dull aren’t they? I also figured out a way to tag posts to organise the blog and make it so that you can click a link in the sidebar to read only posts by that person, which I’m chuffed about. That solves one of the biggest worries I had.

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