Daniel – Day 6

Song of the day:  Kali Ma – Neck Deep

You know those days where you just wake up and everything feels great? Today was one of those days. Sun is shining for once (it started raining like 2 hours later but whatever) I got plenty of sleep and I’d not heard a bad song on the 45 minute trip here.

First thing I saw when I walked through the door was the disaster of paper and documents I left on the table yesterday in my rush to leave after staying an extra hour, completely forgot about that. I started looking into Commun.it too, Kerry mentioned it yesterday and it’s something she’s been using for the company Twitter account. I’d never heard of it before and was a bit swamped yesterday to take a look at it so I spent some time checking out guides and how-to’s for it today. It looks like a pretty decent tool, I think that in conjunction with something like TweetDeck or HootSuite could be invaluable for improving the Twitter presence of Cartwheel but we’ll have to see.

Other than that most of my day has been spent doing more research on improvements and changes we can make to the social media presence of Cartwheel. I’ve made lik 7 pages of notes and scribbles of things I need to refine at some point before the meeting I’m leading about it next week. Nothing super exiting, so I’ll just give a quick overview of what else has gone on in the office today and leave it at that.

Kerry spent the morning at the RBUF open forum. I have no idea what went on but she was there. Ben (the guy who’s handling Darnhill Festival) has been calling around trying to get meetings with schools for the festival.

I also had my first weekly review, and everything was positive! Gala gave me a list of things she wants me to improve on (mainly just making hot drinks and cleaning) and a list of things she wants me to start focussing on.

Daniel – Day 5

Song of the day:  Echos – Set your goals

So fantastic start to today. It was absolutely throwing it down and my bus was 10 minutes late. So on the day where we have an important meeting with Link4Life I’m soaked. Brilliant.

Got to the office mid-cleanup, I forgot today was my first “Clean and tidy day” as they’re called here. Most of my morning today was spent in my first staff meeting, basic stuff just going over what’s been going on and all that stuff. After that Gala asked me to sort out some documents for a meeting she has tomorrow with some board members (I think).

Issues arose though when the apparent office technology curse reared it’s ugly head. In the few days I’ve been here basically any technology that could have had issues has had issues. Computers have decided they didn’t want to work, phones have been going mental, the NAS has had issues, and now the printer is going haywire. This meant that the hundreds of pages of documents that Gala needs now need to be edited, emailed and printed by an outside company. All before tomorrow. Fun times.

Gilian from Link4Life arrived for the meeting whilst we were trying to finish getting the documents sorted and we had a good hour or two chat with her about everything going on here and how we could possibly branch out with their assistance. Kerry mentioned my blog to her and she seemed pretty interesting in reading it, so if you’re reading this hey!

A mad scramble to get the documents sorted before tomorrow resulted in me staying behind an hour to help Gala put together the packs for the board then it was time to head home.

Daniel – Day IV.

Song of the day:  Graveyard Shift – Wstr

I arrived this morning and we hadn’t been robbed so I guess I locked up correctly. Gala was here already so we sat down and had a little chat about my blog posts so far, she seemed to enjoy them so that’s great. I feel like I’m a terrible writer so it’s good to know people can read through the waffle. We also had a conversation about Archaeology. Yeah, seems random I know, but it happens more than you’d think. When people learn I did Archaeology in college they usually look at me and go “you? really?” Not in an offensive way, of course, I guess I just don’t come across as the sort of guy who would be into digging up old bones and pottery.

Anyway, I digress. Most of my morning after that was spent getting to know WordPress better. This blog isn’t just going to be used by me, it’s going to be used by Georgina and also by any future interns here as well as Roxy and Ashleigh who are both previous interns. Because of this, I decided it’d be a good idea to have something in the sidebar that viewers can click on to see posts from only one person and also have it so that you can assign each post to whoever wrote it. This raised some issues however, because I have absolutely no idea how to use this site. I’m determined to learn so that I can make a guide for any future people who want to edit the blog.

This afternoon was entertaining to say the least. I wrote up what happened in another blog entry because it would have made this one far too long. The post can be found here.

Other than that, my time again has been spent trying to figure out wordpress. I learned how to add pictures into posts, I’ll be adding more whenever I can because walls and walls of text are a bit dull aren’t they? I also figured out a way to tag posts to organise the blog and make it so that you can click a link in the sidebar to read only posts by that person, which I’m chuffed about. That solves one of the biggest worries I had.

Day 4 – The tale of the office shuffle.

Preface: This is going to be a seperate post to day 4 because it would have made day 4’s blog way too long.


Oh boy, this afternoon. That’s a tale and a half. Sit down, grab a brew, get comfy and prepare yourself for the tale of the office movearound.

It all started with Gala wanting to move one of the computers from her desk to another desk for me to use. As we started to do that, Kerry suggested that we should move the desk from where it was to the middle of the room against a wall. An easy task, one might think. But you would be wrong. You see, in the middle of the room on said wall is a fireplace that protrudes from the wall, meaning we couldn’t put the desk flush against the wall. We decided that we should lift the desk up onto the little fireplace thing on the floor and prop it up so that we could get more space in the middle of the room and there wouldn’t be a weird gap behind the desk. This led to Kerry going Hulk mode on a broken set of drawers to get some pieces of wood to put under the legs of the table.

I tell you what, propping that table up took way longer than it had any right to. It took us maybe 15/20 minutes to make it so that this table didn’t wobble. When that was said and done, we moved “The Egg” (a table shaped like, you guessed it, an egg) to where the old desk used to be and made it look presentable. Then came the issues with moving the computer.

It’s a pretty old computer, so it needs to be wired into the router because the wireless doesn’t work. What we didn’t realise before is that the ethernet cable isn’t long enough to reach the desk where said computer was going to go. This then led to us moving it to Gala’s desk, moving her Mac onto the desk we moved, then setting it up so that she’d be at the new desk and I’d be at her old desk. Now that all the moving is over and done with we get down to what we were supposed to be doing before any of this even started, showing me how to use the Website backend so I could edit the website.

So, we try to connect to the server. It doesn’t connect. We try again. Same story. We turn off the wifi that doesn’t work, try again and…no dice. No matter what we do This thing just will not connect to the network correctly, meaning I can’t access the cloud server to get to the localy stored web page documents. By the end of all this, Gala is in dire need of a sit down and relaxing cup of warm coffee, Kerry is over there saying “well at least the office looks nicer now” and I’m just sat here having a little chuckle over the whole ordeal. I have to say though, the office does look way roomier than it did this morning.


I just realised Sue doesn’t know we did this. She’s going to be mighty confused when she gets back next week. Note to self: Make sure you’re here for the reaction.

Daniel – Day the third.

Song of the day:  Pickles – 4th ‘n’ Goal

First port of call when I arrived at the office this morning was talking with Rick. He had a small task for me to do which involved changing the dates on the existing holiday form and making sure the week start dates were correct and that all the Bank Holidays lined up correctly too. Super fun, I know. It’s alright to be jealous.

I also helped Kerry out with a project she’s doing in the future by researching some stuff for her whilst she was busy and spent a while familarising myself with the Facebook and Twitter pages more. I’ll be using them regularly soon enough so best to get aquainted asap.

One of the tasks I never got round to today was adding myself to the
“staff” section of the website. The software Cartwheel uses to update the website is only on one or two of the computers here, which are Macs. And I have no idea how to use Macs. Like at all. Because it slipped my mind, by the time I remembered both Rick and Kerry had left so I had absolutely no idea how to work the thing so I thought it best to just leave it until tomorrow when Gala is in so I don’t break it.

To end the day, I get to lock up for the first time! Day 3 and I’m already being trusted with locking up. Shocking I know. I went over it like 3 times in my head to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, hopefully I didn’t.

Daniel – 2nd Day.

Song of the day:  Red Lips – GTA ft. Sam Bruno (Kayzo Harder Edit)

I got to the office at 10am, was greeted warmly by Kerry and Gala having a chat. I put my bag down, put my headphones away and was given my first task for the day, and easily the most terrifying.

Make them both coffee.

“Why is this terrifying?” I hear you ask yourselves. Well, it’s terrifying because I’ve never made a cup of coffee in my life. I don’t like it, so I don’t drink it, and thus don’t make it. Luckily there’s a cheat sheet posted on the cupboard above the kettle with everyone’s tea/coffee requirements which made it pretty easy. I got a thumbs up from Kerry and Gala didn’t complain, so I either nailed it or they were just being nice as to not embarrass me on my second day.

After that, I sat down for a good hour or two and read through a ton of documents relating to what I’d be doing here at Cartwheel. Social Media Marketing plans, general Marketing plans, stuff like that. I then went on to add myself into the databases and was then given a task to make sure everyone was in the database and that their information was correct.  Myself, Gala and Kerry also discussed making some collages/artistic works relating to the new logo for Cartwheel which might be used in future workshops or possibly put in the window of the office.

A few more hours of looking through another document about web content and noting down my ideas for Facebook/Twitter and it was time to go home.

Daniel – Day 1.

Song of the day:  Panema – Van Halen (click to play)

So, day 1. Where do I begin.

I arrived at 10:30 after Gala text me the day before reqesting I come in 30 minutes later than what would be my daily start time. I sat down with her and Georgina, the new student from MMU here on placement, and discussed a few things related to the company. Gala then went off to do her own thing whilst me and Georgina had a lengthy chat and got to know eachother whilst we read the induction pack.

After that was all done and dusted, we went on to meet the staff that were in at the time (who by the way are all great) and I was given my own set of keys to the building and shown how to lock up and how to access the systems, databases and social media accounts for Cartwheel.

Whilst going through the things above the topic of Google Drive came up, and I was given the task of creating a small presentation on that for staff because they were considering swapping from Dropbox to GDrive in the future. This came as a surprise to me, because I wasn’t expecting to be given such an important task on my very first day, but I use Google Drive pretty extensively at home so I was on board and started planning bits and pieces then and there. I was also asked to make some outlines for possible improvements/changes to the way Cartwheel have been handling social media so far and to make some notes so I can bring it up in the meeting with the Google Drive stuff.

After all that it was about 4:30, and Gala said we could leave as she was going as well. Very fun first day, looking forward to the next.

And so it begins.

Hello there.

My name is Daniel, and and I’m the new Social media marketing intern for Cartwheel Arts. For the next 6 months or so I’ll be sharing my day to day experiences whilst working for the company as well as any general ramblings or thoughts I have about that day.

A brief background on me first.

I’ve lived in Rochdale for a solid 25 years (minus one month), grew up there, went to school there, you get the picture. I left highschool with 16 GCSE’s and a GNVQ in ICT. I then went on to college to study Art and also dabbled in Archaeology and Ancient History whilst there. When I left I went straight into working full time in a warehouse, but it didn’t really feel like something I wanted to do, so I bounced around job to job doing an assortment of things to try and see what would stick. Canvassing for the council, park surveying, general administration, a wide variety of things. My main focus after that was Administration, I liked working with computers on a daily basis so I put my attention towards that. Unfortunately due to mental health reasons I had to take a break from working for a few years and when I felt well enough to get back to work I found a position here at Cartwheel Arts as their Social Media Marketer. And I LOVE music. To an un-natural extent. If it was socially acceptable I’d be listening to music all day every day.

I hope that gives you a tiny bit of information about me. From here on the posts will probably all be about my day to day antics whilst with the company.

I hope you enjoy reading!